Frequently Asked Questions

What information is needed to order the correct simulators?
Generally the year make and model of the vehicle is all that is needed.

How long will it take my package to arrive?

Do you have a dealer in my area?
Call 800-786-8785 for Customer Service for a dealer in your area.

How do I become a distributor?
To become a Phoenix USA Inc distributor we would need a completed credit application. Once we receive the completed application we can start the process of getting an account set up. This will help determine what industry /market your company is in and also what price discounts your company are eligible for.

What is the warranty for the parts that I purchased?

Warranty Policy

How is the shipping charges calculated?
We use UPS standard shipping charges. The following link will tell how the charges are calculated.

What will my shipping charges be?

What's the difference in hub piloted and stud piloted wheels?
Hub piloted wheels are "centered" or located into the proper location by the hub of the vehicle. The lug nuts on this type of application are usually black with a flat "swivel" washer on the bottom end.

Stud piloted wheels are "centered" or located into the proper location by the lug nuts. The lug nuts are usually tapered on one end and flat on the opposite end. These wheels are sometimes referred to as "Ball Seat" wheels.

How do I find a wheel number on my vehicle?
To find a wheel # on most 19.5” & larger steel wheels look on the front wheel in between the lug nuts for an Accuride wheel that will usually be a 5-digit number beginning with a 2 or 5, example 28408 or 50180. If it is a Topy wheel it usually is 5 or 6-digit number with a letter, example 127-09T or 139-10TC.

How do I return an item?

Return Policy

  1. Email ([email protected]) or call 931-526-6128 to obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization).
  2. Write the RMA on the package(s) being returned.
  3. Send to:
    Phoenix USA, Inc
    51 Borden St
    Cookeville, TN 38501

Why does my card look like it has been charged twice?
The first initial charge is a booking charge that lets us know that the funds are available for the order. Once the order is processed the final invoice amount will show and the booking charge will drop off of your account. The booking charge being taken off of the card depends on when your bank processes transactions. It could show for a few days on the account.